Fri 05/04/2019

New single Hydrogen Sea

Just one week to go until Hydrogen Sea's second album ‘Automata’ is upon us. 
‘Cold Water’ is one last luscious track we get to share with you before the full length drops. It’s their charge against the unraveling of the biosphere. We knew this one was special the first time we heard a rough demo version. What an entrancing tune it has grown into.
Out today on all platforms:

Tue 02/04/2019

Trixie Whitley - Lacuna

Trixie Whitley has dropped her new album LACUNA, on which she pairs her signature vocals with a heady blend of hi-fi electronics and hypnotic rhythms.
For the recordings of 'Lacuna', Trixie Whitley turned to Little Shalimar, one of the producers behind hip hop duo Run The Jewels. Working with him, as well as the challenges of motherhood, made Trixie seriously rethink her way of writing.
Grab your copy of 'Lacuna' at the Unday shop, last copies of the limited ‘electric blue’ vinyl edition are shipping now. 

Tue 19/03/2019

New single Hydrogen Sea

The end of the world as we know it is near. Let's go out with a bang.
Hydrogen Sea has a new song out today! 'Decohorence' is the soundtrack to an epic end-of-the-world party. Evocative storytelling and moody synths find each other in this dazzling new sound. 'Decooherence' one of the songs on the upcoming album 'Automata', which will be out on Unday Records April 12.
Listen to 'Decoherence' here:

Fri 01/03/2019

The Germans' Sexuality is out

The new Germans album ‘Sexuality’ is here! It’s the follow-up to their instant cult classic ‘Are Animals Different?’ from 2014. The sound of ‘Sexuality’ is passionate, sweaty and exotic. Primitive percussion, tatty guitars, a lewd Hammond and many other instruments play a role in this melting pot of voodoo psychedelia and cocktail jazz. On ‘Sexuality’ (their first album on Unday Records) the band challenges the cult of celebrity and self-promotion by displaying their ugly as well as their sexy self. The record sounds confusingly kinky, raw, at times even uncomfortable and abrasive. Imagine the Royal Drummers of Burundi adopted the psychotic child of Vangelis and you’re halfway there.


We have 50 copies available on a limited deluxe vinyl edition in a custom made 12” ‘Sexuality’ wash cloth. Get yours at the Unday shop.
Listen and buy here.

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