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REL.DATE: 2012-06-04

Imaginary Family - The Bird Watcher

1 . Imaginary Family - The Bird Watcher


Imaginary Family is the moniker of Joanna Isselé.

Just a few years ago, Joanna was given an acoustic guitar as a present. She started writing songs, about delinquent cowboys, lonely neighbours and bird watchers. Being left-handed, she taught herself to play the right-handed guitar upside down. It defines her peculiar sound, which is delicate, unadorned and moving.
Check out the amazing video to The Bird Watcher:

This first single and the video that comes with it got early support from Disco Naiveté, Listen Before You Buy, yvynyl, 22 tracks and more. | unday records is a N.E.W.S. NV label.