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REL.DATE: 2012-10-29

Maya's Moving Castle - Maya's Moving Castle

1 . Maya's Moving Castle - Next Life
2 . Maya's Moving Castle - War
3 . Maya's Moving Castle - Pedestrians
4 . Maya's Moving Castle - At The Stars
5 . Maya's Moving Castle - Sky's Blue
6 . Maya's Moving Castle - Pelleas & Mélisande
7 . Maya's Moving Castle - Shower
8 . Maya's Moving Castle - Feed Me
9 . Maya's Moving Castle - 80's Dream
10 . Maya's Moving Castle - Alas My Love

Have you ever felt lost in a forest full of gritty synths, jittery guitar riffs and menacing strings? Welcome to the mysterious dream world of Maya's Moving Castle. Her melancholic voice lights a narrow path in that dark forest. Along this bright path, we hear enchanting melodies, sometimes violent, sometimes understated but always blissful. The way nature itself can be melancholic but beautiful; her voice is simultaneously sweet and dangerous. Exciting, innovative and idiosyncratic. This is what it would sound like if David Lynch asked The Cure and Björk to collaborate on the soundtrack for his new movie. Darkly beautiful. Intensely sweet. Unruly  and exciting. New wave, indie pop or minimal wave? This is unique!

Maya's Moving Castle is the creation of a girl who grew up on a small farm, digging up insects and collecting butterflies. She started out playing an old cello at home. When she moved to the city, she became a multi-instrumentalist and started writing songs in an attic.
Driven by her imagination and experimentation, she created her own fantasy world. Meanwhile, the attic became a studio, and solo turned into a full-blown band. Produced by Stefan Bracke (Raveyards, ex-The Subs) and François De Meyer (Raveyards, Villa) and accompanied by musicians Nele De Gussem (voice, guitar), Stijn Vanmarsenille (synths) and Simon Segers (drums), Maya will release her first album in October, Maya’s Moving Castle’s first single “Next Life” is out now! | unday records is a N.E.W.S. NV label.