REL.DATE: 2013-04-01

Ian Clement - Drawing Daggers

1 . Ian Clement - The Explorer
2 . Ian Clement - The Hammer And The Nail
3 . Ian Clement - Little Knife
4 . Ian Clement - Interview
5 . Ian Clement - A Boy And A Man
6 . Ian Clement - The Great Escape
7 . Ian Clement - Kissing The Claw
8 . Ian Clement - Drowning In Butter
9 . Ian Clement - At Sea
10 . Ian Clement - Hidin'
11 . Ian Clement - The Last Overhaul
12 . Ian Clement - Healing Bell

We’re proud to announce Ian Clement is now part of the expanding Unday Records roster, with his debut record ‘Drawing Daggers’ set for release in April.

Ian Clement is no stranger, as he is part of Belgian rock trio Wallace Vanborn. His solo work is something entirely different and far more intimate though – consider it to be his Mr. Hyde contrary to the Dr. Jekyll he unleashes in Wallace Vanborn.

‘Drawing Daggers’ was recorded during a six month session in the midst of the woods in the south of Belgium with producer Peter Obbels and features contributions by Karel De Backer (Novastar, Mangold), Wouter Van Belle (Dead Man Ray), Jon Birdsong (Beck) and Lara Chedraoui (Intergalactic Lovers). Fans of singer-songwriters like Mark Lanegan, Dan Auerbach and Edward Sharpe will fall head over heels for Ian’s intriguing story-telling.

‘Drawing Daggers’ combines true craftsmanship with lots of soul, authenticity and a sincere heart – a record that draws the listener into a dark yet warm world.

His first single ‘Little Knife’ is out now. It’s a stunning piece of guitar-based singer-songwriting with a somewhat dark twist. The video can be seen right here : | unday records is a N.E.W.S. NV label.