REL.DATE: 2013-04-22

Dans Dans - I / II

1 . Dans Dans - Au Hasard
2 . Dans Dans - Ancient Aiethopia
3 . Dans Dans - Yesterday Is Here
4 . Dans Dans - Gazelle
5 . Dans Dans - Mothers Of The Veil
6 . Dans Dans - The Sicilian Clan
7 . Dans Dans - Muskiet
8 . Dans Dans - De Su Propia RaĆ­z O De Un Dios Disperso
9 . Dans Dans - Meditation (For A Pair Of Wire Cutters)
10 . Dans Dans - Some Are
11 . Dans Dans - East Timor

Dans Dans unites the talents of three musicians of the highest order:
Bert Dockx on guitar (also lead singer and driving force behind Flying Horseman)
Fred Lyenn on bass (better known as Lyenn, songsmith and guitarist)
And Steven Cassiers on drums (Dez Mona)

Their second abum I/II, produced by Koen Gisen,  is being released on Unday Records April 8th.
From garage jazz, psychedelic blues and ecstatic noir soundtracks to spacey rock-‘n-roll: the labels that get thrown at Dans Dans give a pretty good indication of their eclecticism. Both their first album and their live shows are inspired by the likes of Sun Ra, Nick Drake, Sonny Rollins and Ennio Morricone, but also involve taking these masters on fearless improvisational adventures.
Even the most stubborn of jazz purists wouldn't dare accuse them of pointless jams. While they take on indelible, timeless themes, Dans Dans never fails to rise to the challenge of making them their own, with rolling drums, driving bass and elastic guitar lines. But it's above all live, dancing on the razor's edge, that the band reveals its true nature; a restless gang of music junkies constantly on the hunt for musical innovation.
They stayed under the radar for years, but 2012 was a turning point, with a well received debut album and concerts in Belgium and abroad that earned them rave reviews. From newspapers such as De Standaard and De Morgen and magazines such as Gonzo (circus), Oor and Focus Knack to webzines such as Enola: the band kept racking up fans, accolades and places on the 'year's best' lists.
Meanwhile, the trio has not slowed its pace. They have completed recording their second album, which will again feature covers – this time of Tom Waits, Robert Wyatt, David Bowie, Morricone, Mingus, Coleman and Sun Ra - as well as their own compositions and will be released in April 2013 on Unday Records.
FYI: 10 rehearsals and 3 days of recording, that's all it took to lay down this killer album!

What the press had to say about their first album:
“(…) Highly physical, dynamic, Imaginative but above all coarse-grained music that would surely get an approving nod from artists like Marc Ribot.” (Dirk Steenhaut, Focus Knack)
“Go see them live and you'll leave the concert hall a different person.” (Pieter-Jan Symons, De Morgen)
“Complex improvisations that encompass melancholy and rage.” (Tim Sprangers, De Volkskrant)
“(…) Simply the most exciting thing you can see onstage in Belgium right now.” (Stijn Buyst, Gonzo (circus)) | unday records is a N.E.W.S. NV label.