REL.DATE: 2013-10-14

Flying Horseman - City Same City

1 . Flying Horseman - City
2 . Flying Horseman - We care
3 . Flying Horseman - Walking
4 . Flying Horseman - Return
5 . Flying Horseman - Lucile
6 . Flying Horseman - Sleeping Room
7 . Flying Horseman - Landlord
8 . Flying Horseman - We Are Free
9 . Flying Horseman - Hardcore
10 . Flying Horseman - One Note Song
11 . Flying Horseman - Stories
12 . Flying Horseman - Same City

The new Flying Horseman album – their third – sears the soul to the rhythm of a torrid summer's day. While the previous album, Twist, evoked the atmosphere of the deep, dark woods, City Same City is a breath of desert air. Still, each track is imbued with an ominous light, a sense of the gathering storm.
Buoyed by a rhythm section that's at once playful, pared-down and percussive, the songs flow like a river, governed by their own laws only. Unpredictable and marvellously eccentric, the overall effect recalls the work of other utterly unique musical artists (early Fleetwood Mac, late Talk Talk, Brian Eno, Talking Heads, Joy Division). There's also a distinctly African influence – particularly Nigerian juju music and Malian desert blues.
The album consists of twelve songs, divided into two parts.(City and Same City) The band's wealth of individual talent, combined with the strong vision of producer Koen Gisen and frontman Bert Dockx results in a varied, layered masterpiece; a gripping, hypnotic fever dream in twelve chapters.
Bert Dockx is clearly on a roll. He delivers this pièce de résistance, barely a year after Twist and a few months after I/II by Dans Dans, his other – much acclaimed – band. | unday records is a N.E.W.S. NV label.