REL.DATE: 2016-10-28

Trixie Whitley - Sway (Outtakes & Live Tracks)

1 . Trixie Whitley - Haze Of Repair
2 . Trixie Whitley - The Shack
3 . Trixie Whitley - Surrender
4 . Trixie Whitley - Bullet For Love
5 . Trixie Whitley - Toledo
6 . Trixie Whitley - Dangermind
7 . Trixie Whitley - Someone To Color With
8 . Trixie Whitley - New Frontiers (Alternate Version)
9 . Trixie Whitley - Faint Mystery (Live)
10 . Trixie Whitley - A Thousand Thieves (Live)
11 . Trixie Whitley - Hotel No Name (Live)
12 . Trixie Whitley - Nature Boy (Double Drums) (Live)
13 . Trixie Whitley - Eliza's Smile (Live)

Unday Records is proud to present this unique collection of unreleased Trixie Whitley outtakes and live recordings.
The first chapter of this release contains 7 previously unreleased studio outtakes, most of them written recorded during the creative process that led to Trixie’s second album ‘Porta Bohemica’. These tracks are rough mixes and works in progress, a skeleton of what was to become the second record but they never saw the light of day. We never ceased to love and cherish them nonetheless, and even though unpolished and not entirely finished, thought they deserved to be revealed.
Sway’s second chapter comprises of 5 particularly memorable live recordings from the European release tour of the Porta Bohemica record, showcasing the excellence and versatility of Trixie and her band. | unday records is a N.E.W.S. NV label.