REL.DATE: 2018-01-05

Madensuyu - One More Time

1 . Madensuyu - One More Time

'One More Time' is a brand new Madensuyu track, taken from 'Current', which is due February 9 on Unday Records.  
On their new album, their first in 5 years, Madensuyu manage to reassert and to surprise at the same time. Its ten tracks are reminiscent of the duo’s entrancing thoroughness and intensity, but the band also introduces defining new elements, most notably in the use of the piano as the driving melodic force. 
'One More Time' serves as an introduction and lures the listener into the new sound, which is both elegant and explosive. 
After a four year hiatus since their last album Stabat Mater, this new record confirms Madensuyu’s status as one of the most imaginative and unique bands around. Current is their first release on Unday Records, the independent label which is also home to Trixie Whitley, Tamino, Millionaire and Intergalactic Lovers, to name a few. 
Madensuyu are YLODE (5-string, dynamic midi pedal, keys, vocals) and PJ (drums, vocals) | unday records is a N.E.W.S. NV label.